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Personal Biography

Present job Associate professor in Ming Hsin University
Department of Leisure Management Associate professor
Director of WIND STUDIO
Director of Georgia Lee Studio
Experience Assistant professor in Arkansas Northeastern College
Associate professor in Colorado College
Assistant professor in Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
1972-74 Porvidence University, major in Chemical Enginerring
Champion of paint competition
Leader of Porvidence University Art Club
1975 Exhibition in Tai-zhong U.S press office
Exhibition in zhong-xing painted corridor
1976 Graduate in Porvidence University
1977-81 Establishing Georgia Studio to teach painting
Teaching drawing, oil painting and English in YMCA
1981 Learning ceramic in San-xi-tang Ceramic corp.
Painting and Creating in Koera, Philippines and Thailand
1982 To establish "Spring Song Studio" in Missouri
To Join in Harrison Art Association
First prize of association,"Lost city"
1988-90 Making series of art speech, on invitation of some school
and club in America
1989 Exhibition in New Art Form Studio in Arkansas
1990-91 Ceramic art exhibition in Arkansas
Teaching in North Arkansas University

Exhibition in Tennessee Museum
Exhibition in Missouri, Eureka Springs Studio
Exhibition in Walnut Street Gallery , Missouri , U.S.A


Exhibition in Ceramic Lovers Gallery, Taipei
Exhibition in New Art Form Gallery , Arkansas U.S.A
Exhibition in Eureka Springs Art Gallery , Arkansas U.S.A
Travelling in south-west of China, creating
for minority group, highland people
Publishing series of writings and paints in Harrison Daily Time

1993 Exhibition in Missouri "Walnut Street Studio", U.S.A
Exhibition in Tennessee Museum of Art, Memphis , U.S.A
1994 Creating and painting in Europe
1995 To build "Wind Studio" in Tampa,Florida by herself
Part of Designer in public Art of Tampa International Airport
1995-96 Teach in Baywind Learning Center
1996 Publish "Remember of Jin-gua-shi"
1996-98 Teaching in Colorado College
1997 Create public art "THE PIKES PESK" for Colorado College
Return Taiwan to draw for Taiwan Power Company
Exhibition in Crown art Center in Taipei, "Porcelain and painting from Georgia's mind"
Creating the theory of "validate art",and the work "Promise"
1998 Publish poetry and painting book "Connection of Love"
Exhibition in National Chengchi University Art Center, Taipei
1998-99 Create "Promise" in Fu-shun Park
1999-2001 Assistant professor in Chung Yuan Christian University
Departmant of Design
1999 Create public art "Five loafs and two fish" for Cosmis Light
2000 Create public art "Two Fish" on Bank of Sinopac Headquarter Building
Create public art "The Encounter" in The Science Museum of Chung-yuan University
Create public art "Waves urging waves" in Nan-Gang Vocational High School Taipei City

Create public art "Blossoms In The Heart Everyday" in The hall way of the library of Nan-Gang vocational high school
Create public art "Touching heartstrings" in Office Building of Shin-Chu City Government

2002 Create public art "Climbing For Fortune" in Shin-Chung Parking Building in Taipei City

Exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei
Create public art "The Start", Christmas tree.


Associate professor & Director of Art Center in Ming Hsin University Department of Leisure Management

2006 Award of Florida "Treasured artist"