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The Promise

Date established 1998-1999
Location FuShun Park on Chung-Shan N. Rd. , Taipei City
Size 2600cm X 1700cm X 430cm

The first creation of past creations/proof
"The Promise" is a work of admonition, to remind the modern society to reconsider the virtues of promise and commitment, and a positive reminder of one's responsibility to himself, family, society, politics, and country.

Creative activities/participation now
"The Promise" is a public work of art with many contributors. This art activity wishes to promote and present the public's response and results to a ¡§promise,¡¨ which is expressed in the final work, using the participants' signed porcelain pieces as the patterns for the chairs and tables, as an everlasting memory.

Future reminder and utilization/practicability the "Promise Bell" fitted into the hole of the Promise Wall
1. To draw reminiscence, the motives of this creation and its results
2. The ¡§bell¡¨ as a focal point of attention and reminder
3. Bells are associated with marriages, the local marriage gown service businesses may be interested in filming at this location, enhancing the atmosphere and livening up the local community.
4. A Chinese saying ¡§ringing a bell as a vow,¡¨ when making a date with someone, responding to the theme of this work.
5. The ancient music of Chinese carillon (serial bells) represents the wisdom, continuation, transformation, and fusion of the classical and modern arts, the bells may be used to play music.

Casting the bronze serial bells Casted bronze bells have different scales Working with the students of Nan-Gang vocational high school.
There are three set of table and chairs whoever participate the action of making Promise left their signature on the table. Overview There are two walls. The front is a woman, the back is a man. They lay on the side, face to face. Night view
Georgia is making ceramic pieces for the work in her studio. Construction Placing of patterns
She gathered the crowd in Taipei to explain the meaning of the work. The public breaking the orange porcelain belt. One person allowed to take one piece home, and they all ¡¥Promise' to return the piece next mouth.
When the audience return their pieces. Georgia remount the pieces on the wall. Whoever didn't keep their Promise left black holes on the work forever. It is a reminder for all the people. The detail of the work The detail of the work
The detail of the work The detail of the work Different view of the work.
Different view of the work. The special instructions on the back of the work Visits from the public