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Five loaves and fish

Date established 1999

Cosmic Light Holistic Care Center
Taipei City

The story from Bible is the main design for the space. As the Bible story said, head pieces are made with funders of the center, body pieces are made with followers. DIY ‘!' shape table, coffee table, wishing wall, and 12 exchange baskets… All done by the employee and volunteers instructed by Georgia Lee.
Teaching employees how to make ceramic fish and loafs for the topic wall. The work is very hard, but everybody is happy. They make coffee cups together for the place. Decorating the ceiling with fiber optics, imitated the starlight.
Installing the topic wall with all employee's pieces. All of them involve the work. This is a sign made of acrylic board dyed with fish and bread.
The opening Georgia and City Mayor Ma Ying-Jiu. The artist.