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Art Life

Teach drawing after graduation Paint for diary Constructing Public art
teach in Colorado University Lee's Home In a lectrue
Pottery lecture in Taiwan Burning midnight oil The fall in Arkansas
Take an interview in America Soprono of chorus teach a summer camp in America
To sketch in lan-yu Lee and her public art Magic show
Just return Taiwan, studio in Taipei Running computer company in Miami House in Harrison Arkansas
Speech in Arkansas State University Fishing everyday in backyard Work In Self-Constructed Studio in Tampa Florida
Little boy Travelling speeches Self-constructed Studio
All prop for go painting Her grange in Fulton Missorri Ususlly go fishing in the lake of grange
Represent her company to negotiate a joint venture in Shang-hai corner of her farm Nop
1983,Represent the country to take International Machinery Congress
in Bei-jing people conference hall
drawing picture in Lan-yu after sunrise Running a restaurant in America
Part of farm in the fall Living room in Arkansas Still her lake
Her daughter's piano concert Her son is making snow man Happiness
House in Arkansas is Holland type Wide-angle lens Place for taking refuge, with deer,fish and bird